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Mogul 2-6-0 Steam Locomotive

Motor: 5-pole skew-wound w/flywheel
Frame Construction: Boiler is a solid metal casting, tender contains the motor which is connected to the engine drivers by means of a semi-flexible drive shaft.
Drive wheels: All 3 drive axles are powered
Electrical Pickup: All drivers and tender wheels
Traction tires: One axle contains two traction tires
Weight: Engine + Tender = 3.2 ounces
DCC Readiness: None
Lights: Single headlight using a white LED, directional
Couplers: Rapido couplers are equipped on both ends.
Micro-Trains® conversion: The tender can accept an MTL-1128 or MTL-1129 coupler. The pilot is convertible but I do not yet have info as to which coupler.
Packaging: Clear jewel case
Special Features: Wire handrails. Prototypical flangeless middle drivers for negotiating curves down to 7.5" radius. Operational cab roof vent. New low-profile tender.
NOTE: The following categories are the opinion of N Scale Supply and are very subjective. These are provided to give you a rough idea of the quality of the product. Your mileage may vary.
Performance: Very smooth performer. Realistic speed range. Just like its sister, the MDC 2-8-0, this is the smoothest running steam engine yet available.
Sound/Noise level: Exceptionally quiet.
Overall Value: If you model the turn of the century time frame this is the engine to get.

Description Image Road # MSRP Our $ Part #
March 2004
n/a $189.98 MDC-8050
Denver & Rio Grande Western 476 $189.98 MDC-8051
479 $189.98 MDC-8052
Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe 138 $189.98 MDC-8053
146 $189.98 MDC-8054
Pennsylvania Railroad 267 $189.98 MDC-8055
? $189.98 MDC-8056
Central Pacific
March 2004
1476 $189.98 MDC-8057
? $189.98 MDC-8058
Southern Pacific
March 2004
1510 $189.98 MDC-8059
? $189.98 MDC-8060
Chesapeake & Ohio
March 2004

42 $189.98 MDC-8061
? $189.98 MDC-8062
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