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MagEyes Hands Free Magnifier
w/Two Interchangable Lens

2024-03-07 MagEyes has announced they are ceasing operations.

Very lightweight at 1½ ounces. Each model comes with two lens, one lower and higher power.

N Scale Supply note: We have not carried a head mounted magnifier because the ones that I have seen were too heavy to be comfortable. Personally I have used this MagEyes product for years and was fortunate enough to recently start carrying this product.

Lens PowerApprox. Working Distance
1.6x12" - 14"
2.0x10" - 12"
2.25x7" - 10"
2.75x4" - 7"

Regular Model
Low Power Lens: 1.6x
High Power Lens:2.0x
Part #MAG-2-4MSRP: $33.65
Our Price: $26.99

Deluxe Model
Low Power Lens: 2.25x
High Power Lens:2.75x
Part #MAG-5-7
MagEyes are Made in the USA and is a Veteran Owned Company