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Bates Hotel
(Requires assembly)
Part # LUN-17 N Scale Supply Price: $51.96
New: Sept. 2019

Is it just the name or does this turn-of-the-last century hotel possess an aura of mystery? This 5-story Edwardian building is a style that can be seen in cities across the land and in towns of a size to have such a “grand” hotel. Wall tabs and slots, separate, pre-colored, self-locating windows and doors, and only the fronts’ brick to paint, make construction a breeze. A black roof with cast-in details adds interest behind the elegant cornice. Hanging signs and window signs are included, as are text and photo instructions plus clear window material.

4.5“ x 2.25“ base x 5.5“H

(Vehicles and Figures not included.)

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