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Snailways Bus Depot
(Requires assembly)
Part # LUN-12 N Scale Supply Price: $51.96
New: Oct. 2016

Snailways Bus Depot
9“ x 8 1/4“ base x 2 5/8“H

This delightful model is sleek AND fun. Its many elements bring visual interest and liveliness to any corner of your town or city. Walls (including low “block” perimeter walls) are cast in matte-finish, light gray-blue with darker gray-blue accents, windows and doors. Full-paned doors enhance the front entry and the exit to the boarding area, and windows are multi-paned. The sidewalk and driveways are concrete color. The back loading dock area has a pre-colored roof, so the only painting is to color the other roof areas black. Included are cast-in details on roofs and walls, separate columns, A/C unit, vent, billboard signs, posters, marquee signs and clear window material, as well as text and photo instructions with a footprint drawing to show where everything goes.
(Vehicles and Figures not included.)

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