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ALCO FA-1/FB-1 Diesel Locomotives

Prototype Information
American Locomotive CO. produced the FA-1/FB-1 engines from January 1946 through October 1950. A total of 682 engines were sold into the US, Canada and Mexico (433 A's and 249 B's). The first FA-1's had a 1500 horsepower 12 cylinder '244' engine. By the end of the FA-1 life-cycle the engine had been upgraded to 1600 horsepower.
Prototype Photos:
Model Information
  • Single Headlight
  • Original style numberboards
  • Dynamic Brakes
  • Split frame metal chassis w/dual flywheel equipped 5-pole skewed armature motor
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • See-through etched brass grills and exceptional detailing. You can actually see the fan blades through the grill.
  • All-Wheel electrical pick-up
  • 8-wheel drive
  • Both A and B units are powered
N Scale Supply Note: This has got to be the best running Life-Like engine to-date. The SW9/1200's were awesome, then the GP20's were even better, now the FA-1's raise the standard once more. Detailing is excellent as well followed by a crisp paint job. Two powered engines for $82.99.
Retail Price: A/B Sets $120.00,
N Scale Supply Price: A/B Sets

Examples of the superb detail and outstanding paint jobs on the second run FAs
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