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Life-Like E6 Locomotives

Painting and detail are crisp. This picture barely shows it, but
visible through the side grill are the internal support braces.

Prototype Information
92 A-unit and 26 B-unit EMC E6's were built for the US Market from 1939 to 1942. Predominately used in passenger service. The prime mover consists of two 12 cylinder 1,000 horsepower 567 Diesels.
Prototype Photos:
Model Information
  • Non-directional lighting
  • Blackened metal wheels
  • Dual flywheel equipped 5-pole skewed armature motor
  • Rapido coupler on rear of A-Units and both ends of B-Units. Front of A-Units contains the Life-Like Knuckle coupler
  • All-Wheel electrical pick-up

The chassis is dominated by the large weights over each truck. Total engine weight is a
monstrous 6-1/8 ounces. The large dual-flywheels ensure smooth running.

Coupler Converion Info:
MTL-1021/22 for front of the A-Units. The MTL-1128 fits the rear of the A-Units and both ends of the B-units.

Digitrax Decoder Info:
While this engine is not designed to be DCC ready it should be a fairly easy conversion. The DIG-DZ121 could be fit either in front or back by cutting part of one of the weights away (this engine doesn't really need to weight 6+ ounces). The motor is already isolated. By putting the decoder in front of the motor then the headlight wiring would be readily accessible.


Retail Price: A/B Sets $95.00, A Units $65.00
N Scale Supply Price: A/B Sets $59.99, A Units $39.99
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