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ALCO FA-2/FB-2 Diesel Locomotives

06/28/02: Life-Like had originally stated that part #LIF-7637 and LIF-7638 would be Western Maryland. It turns out they really meant to say Louisville & Nashville. They did not manufacture any Western Maryland units in this run.

Prototype Information
American Locomotive CO. produced the FA-2/FB-2 engines from October 1950 thru June 1956 with a total of 395 A-Units and 227 B-Units produced. At 53'6" the FA-2 is two feet longer than the FA-1. The B units are 2'6" longer at 52'8". The prime mover ia a 1,600 horsepower 12 cylinder '244' engine.
Prototype Photos:
Model Information
Motor: 5-pole skew-wound w/flywheel, Both A and B units are powered
Frame Construction: Metal split-frame
Drive wheels: All 4 axles are powered, all wheels blackened
Electrical Pickup: All wheels pickup
Traction tires: none
Weight: 4¼ ounces per unit, 8½ per set
DCC Readiness: Not designed as DCC ready but it should be easy to fit a Lenz LE077XF or a Digitrax DZ121. Frame will require milling.
Lights: Single headlight using yellow LED
Couplers: Body mounted, factory installed rapido's
Micro-Trains® conversion: All couplers are body mounted, simple conversion to Micro-Trains MTL-1015 couplers on both ends
Packaging: Each engine is packed in a clear jewel case, standard Life-Like style
Special Features: See-through etched brass grills and exceptional detailing. Original style numberboards, Very crisp printing
NOTE: The following categories are the opinion of N Scale Supply and are very subjective. These are provided to give you a rough idea of the quality of the product. Your mileage may vary.
Performance: Extremely smooth speed range, very good low speed control.
Sound/Noise level: This is another excellent performer from Life-Like. Runs very quiet and smooth. quietest Life-Like engines yet. The SW9/1200 and the GP20's are excellent performers but can be somewhat noisy, this engine performs as well or better with half the sound level.
Overall Value: Overall detail is very good, painting and printing is excellent on top of an all new design chassis.
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