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Fairbanks Morse C-Liner
Prototype Information

The Fairbanks Morse Company's major claim to fame as an industrial manufacturer was their robust and reliable opposed piston diesel engine. During World War II the entire production of these were earmarked for the U.S. Navy to power every type of vessel, from landing craft to submarines. This engine was a natural for powering railroad locomotives in the post war era. Fairbanks Morse designed the C Liner locomotive utilizing this engine and modular component manufacturing to allow the flexibility to meet the needs of any railroad operating department. C-Liners were available with three different engine horse power ratings, two types of cooling systems, nine gear ratios, as well as numerous other specific custom features. While not sold in the quantities matching it competitors, the C-Liner made an impact on the 1950s and 60s railroad scene.The Fairbanks Morse C-Liner will be offered in two road numbers each for Pennsylvania, New York Central and Milwaukee Road. Due for shipment in August, 2001.

Prototype Photos:



  • Powerful Motor with Five-Pole, Skew Wound Armature and Dual Flywheels
  • DCC-Friendly Split Frame Mechanism
  • 8-Wheel Drive & 8-Wheel Pick-Up
  • Accumate Operating Couplers
  • LED Headlight
  • DCC-Friendly Split Frame Mechanism
  • Heavy Metal Chassis
  • Clip-Fit Printed Circuit Board -Easily Replaceable for DCC


C-Liner Locomotive A&B Units
Road Name Road # A/B Image MSRP Our $ Part #


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