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Prototype Information
Photo courtesy of Life-Like Products

EMD brought out the BL2 as a Branch Line switcher in response to ALCO's RS-1 & RS-2.. Not quite a switch engine, but not quite a road cab unit. With the added front & rear porch it could now accomodate switch crews. The BL2 paved the way for the GP-7 to storm into the market.

  • Powered by a 1,500 hp 16-cylinder 567B engine
  • 59 built in 1948-1949
  • Weight of approx. 210,000 pounds
  • Eventually modified for MU operation
  • Available with an optional steam generator for passenger use
Prototype Photos:
Model Information
  • Split frame mechanism
  • 5-pole skewed and balanced armature motor
  • Front and rear LED lights
  • Illuminated number boards


Motor: 5-pole skew-wound w/flywheel
Frame Construction: Metal split-frame
Drive wheels: All 4 axles are powered, all wheels blackened
Electrical Pickup: All wheels pickup
Traction tires: none
Weight: 4 ounces
DCC Readiness: Not designed as DCC ready but it should be easy to fit a Lenz LE077XF or a Digitrax DZ121 into this where the rear light board is located.
Lights: Directional headlights using yellow LEDs
Couplers: Body mounted, factory installed rapido's
Micro-Trains® conversion: Simple conversion to Micro-Trains MTL-1015 couplers on both ends
Packaging: Each engine is packed in a clear jewel case, standard Life-Like style
Special Features: Very crisp printing
NOTE: The following categories are the opinion of N Scale Supply and are very subjective. These are provided to give you a rough idea of the quality of the product. Your mileage may vary.
Performance: Extremely smooth speed range, top speed seems very realistic.
Sound/Noise level: This is probably the quietest Life-Like engine yet. The SW9/1200 and the GP20's are excellent performers but can be somewhat noisy, this engine performs as well or better with half the sound level.
Overall Value: Overall detail is very good, painting and printing is excellent on top of an all new design chassis. At $45 these are a good buy.

Split Frame Chassis
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Printing is extremely sharp



EMD BL2 Locomotive
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