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USRA 2-8-8-2 Steam Locomotive

Boiler Bulkhead detail

The Dog House is provided and installed on the second run models (UP, N&W & PRR).
The backup light (upper right corner of tender) is directional. The wheels of the tender pickup the power for this light.

Prototype Information
Weight of engine & tender:740,100 pounds
Tractive Effort:101,300 pounds
Driver Diameter:57"
Boiler Pressure:240 psi
Tender Capacity:16 tons coal
12,000 gallons water
Grate Area:96 square feet
Model Information
Motor:5-pole skew-wound with dual flywheels
Frame Construction:Cast metal
Drive wheels:All 8 axles are powered
Electrical Pickup:All drive wheels pickup
Traction tires:none
Weight:Engine: 3.375 ounces, Tender: 0.9375 ounces
DCC Readiness:Not designed as DCC ready but it should be easy to fit a Lenz or Digitrax decoder
Lights:Headlight & Tender backup light, both directional
Couplers:Pilot: body mounted knuckle (will mate to Micro-Trains)
Tender: body mounted rapido
Micro-Trains® conversion:All couplers are body mounted, simple conversion to Micro-Trains MTL-1015 couplers on both ends
On the pilot do not use any shims, on the tender place a shim both above and below
Packaging:Card board box with cut foam liner. Engine is packed in a split bubble / blister. Includes ten page history of the Mallet, Lifetime warranty card, exploded parts diagram, and Certificate of Quality (serial number) Warranty Card.
Special Features:Will run around 9-3/4" radius curves and on Atlas code 55 track
Over 50 add-on detail parts
NOTE: The following categories are the opinion of N Scale Supply and are very subjective. These are provided to give you a rough idea of the quality of the product. Your mileage may vary.
Performance:Extremely smooth speed range, very good low speed control, realistic top end. Draws less than 0.2 amps at full speed/load. Pulls better than most of the steam on the market, but in my opinion it could use a little weight to improve the pulling performance.
Sound/Noise level:One of the quietest steam engines on the market, probably the only engine on the market that is quieter is the MDC 2-8-0 which has less than half the wheels of this monster. Even the vaunted Kato Mikado is a noisy grinder compared to this performer.
Overall Value:Detail is exceptional, painting and printing is excellent. Out of the box high-quality performance without any need for additional tuning or adding detail parts.

While not designed to be DCC plug in ready, they did give thought to a decoder installation. The rear of the boiler (right most) is empty and should be plenty big enough for a Lenz or Digitrax decoder. All of the power and motor wires are readily accessible.

Road Name Image Road # MSRP Our $ Part #
Traction Tires ( 12 Pack) for 2-8-8-2 None   $5.49 WAL-920-95001
Denver & Rio Grande Western
Custom Painted by N Scale Supply

New: December 2002
35xx n/a LIF-7529RG
Norfolk & Western (second run)
New: May 2003
2016 $275.00 LIF-7577
2050 LIF-7578
Pennsylvania (second run)
New: May 2003
373 $275.00 LIF-7581
376 LIF-7582
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