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2-8-4 Berkshire Steam Locomotive

Features include:
  • 5-Pole skew wound motor
  • Split frame mechanism
  • RP25 Wheels
  • Electrical pick-up from Drivers & Tender Wheels

Second Release Features:
Over 50 Hand-Applied Detail Parts
Outstanding Laser-Sharp Printing
Authentic Painting & Lettering
Electrical Pickup from Locomotive Drivers and Tender
LED Loco Headlight & Tender Reversing Light (Starting with the 2nd Release)

Slow Speed Less Than 5 Scale Miles Per Hour
Weighted for Maximum Tractive Effort
Blackened Nickel-Silver Wheels with RP25 Wheel Contours
Current Draw at 12 Volts, No Load, Level Track Less Than 0.15 Amperes
Will Operate on Code 50 Through Code 55 Track on 9 ¾ Radius Curves and #4 Turnouts
8-Wheel Drive & Electrical Pickup from Locomotive Drivers and Tender Wheels
5-Pole Skew-Wound Balanced Armature
Precisely-Meshed Worm Gear and Spur Teeth
Meets all NMRA Standards

Preserving the Heritage
Each Locomotive comes with a 12-Page History Booklet Filled with Historical Facts and Documentation

Road Name Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Pere Marquette 1235 $195.00 LIF-90054
1239 $195.00 LIF-90055




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