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EMD GP38-2

PROTO 2000 Diesel GP38-2 With 88" Low Nose

  • Powerful Motor with Skew Wound Armature and Dual Flywheels
  • Split Frame Mechanism
  • 8-Wheel Drive & 8-Wheel Pick-Up
  • Accumate Operating Couplers
  • Directional LED Headlight
  • Split Frame Mechanism
  • Includes Rapido couplers
  • Includes snow plows and winterization hatches where appropriate (to be user installed).

When we first put one of these on the track we were amazed. This is an extremely smooth running and quiet engine. You literally cannot hear the motor, you only hear the wheels contacting the track. I put a recent Atlas release on the track along with the GP38-2. The Atlas engine had the Slow Speed motor. Both the Life-Like and Atlas engine ran at very comprable speeds and would easily MU together. While the Atlas engine is a smooth runner and would never be classified as noisy, it was all I could hear. The Life-Like engine was silently following the Atlas engine around as if it was being towed. This engine runs as well or better than their excellent GP60 release.


This engine has been advertised by Walthers/Life-Like as DCC-Friendly, but what does that mean? In the stock configuration from the factory, the motor wipers touch the frame halves rather than the light board. The PC Board only appears to handle power to the headlights, it has no contact with the motor. So this means that a standard drop-in decoder will not work with the factory configuration. There appears to be room under the shell for a small decoder such as the TCS-M1. Wiring in such a decoder should be straight forward as all of the necessary contact points are easy to reach.


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