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Volume 2Number 2April 2000
Part #LID-0004N Scale Supply Price: sold out
Features and Columns
Narrow Minded News
Gary Kohler
Evergreen Hill's Carter Bros. Flat Car
A Review by George Gilbert
The Tionesta Valley Railroad, Part I
Robert Richardson
Adding Sound to Your Layout, Part I
Kenneth Lunders
Narrow Gauge Machinist
"Part 6: Making Counterweights"

Jeff Bissonnette
7/8n2 Simplex Locomotive
Carlo Spirito
Steam Age Shortline Lore
"Belfast and the Ten-Wheelers"

Robert MacDonald
Critter Corner
J. R. Welsh
"On" the 30" Gauge (On30)
Bachmann's C&S Caboose

Jack Hess
Five Mile Section House
East Lake & Northern Ry -- Sn3

Thomas Bangs
Industry News
New Products
Shays East - A Gallery of Eastern Shays

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