N Scale LogoProduct Line: Labelle

Part #
Gear Oil, plastic compatible, 1/2 oz.
Very stable gear oil for musical instrument keys, fishing reels, business machines, gears, and shock absorbers for RC cars.
9.69 7.75 LAB-102
Oil, synthetic, multi-purpose, light, 1/2 oz.
For small appliances, movie and slide projectors, electric shavers, clippers, clocks, tape decks, and turntables.
  9.69 7.75 LAB-104
Track Cleaner and Conditioner
"DCC Track Conditioner". Just clean your track with this product, and leave a micro-coating on the rails of LaBelle #105 and it will dramaticly improve your DCC reliablity. The package includes some round cleaning pads to get some of the really dirty spots on your track cleaned up, some specially designed Labelle cleaning swaps to get into tight spaces such as switch points, etc... and some specially applicator stripes to apply the #105 back onto the rails.


9.91 LAB-105
Grease w/PTFE (teflon), plastic compatible, 1/2 oz.
Useful for bicycles and riding toys, sewing machines, mechanical toys, typewriters, model railroads, buisiness machines, and gear sets of RC cars.
9.69 7.75 LAB-106
Oil, multi-purpose, medium weight, plastic compatible, 1/2 oz.
For fractional horsepower motors, bearings, sewing machines, reels, power tools, fans, HO and larger model trains, and steering points, motor bushings, bearings and axle shafts on RC cars.
9.69 7.75 LAB-107
Oil, multi-purpose, light, plastic compatible, 1/2 oz.
Used for HO and N model trains, household doors and windows, drawer slides, precision instruments, office machines, model race cars and timers.
9.69 7.75 LAB-108
Micro Powdered PTFE (white teflon), plastic compatible
Clean, white, non-staining, micro-powdered PTFE* for drawers, hinges, garden tools, zippers, small gear sets, toys , model trains and race cars. Unlimited Uses.
9.69 7.75 LAB-134
Labelle Motor Cleaning System
Includes Atomiser, Cleaning Pads, Gear Tooth Cleaning Tool and More
18.98 15.18 LAB-901
Oiler Starter Set Assortment: Includes #102, 106, and 108 28.98 23.18 LAB-1002

Part #
Steam-Era Engineer & Fireman Set (Painted) -- Slouching & Leaning $9.49 $8.54 LAB-7501
Steam-Era Engineer & Fireman Set (Painted) -- Waving & Sitting $9.49 $8.54 LAB-7502
Steam-Era Engineer & Fireman Set (Unpainted) -- Set of Four; Waving, Sitting, Slouching & Leaning Poses $9.49 $8.54 LAB-7504
Contemporary Diesel Engineer/Fireman Set (Painted) -- Slouching & Leaning $9.49 $8.54 LAB-7505
Contemporary Diesel Engineer/Fireman Set (Painted) -- Waving & Sitting $9.49 $8.54 LAB-7506
Burma Shave Signs Set pkg(6) - Plastic -- Set #1 Trains Don't Wander... $9.98 $8.98 LAB-7651
Burma Shave Signs Set pkg(6) - Plastic -- Set #2 Trains Don't Whistle... $9.98 $8.98 LAB-7652
Burma Shave Signs Set pkg(6) - Plastic -- Set #4 Train Wrecks Few... $9.98 $8.98 LAB-7654
Burma Shave Signs Set pkg(6) - Plastic -- Set #5 It's Trains, Not Girls... $9.98 $8.98 LAB-7655
Burma Shave Signs Set pkg(6) - Plastic -- Set #6 As Fast Train Neared... $9.98 $8.98 LAB-7656