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Description Image MSRP Our $ Part #
M1 - Basic Oval Track Set /w Kato power pack $115.00 $92.00 KAT-20-852
M2 Basic Oval and Siding w/ Kato Power Pack $210.00 $156.00 KAT-20-853
V1 Mainline Passing Siding Set $90.00 $72.00 KAT-20-860
V2 Single Track Viaduct Set $110.00 $88.00 KAT-20-861-1

V3 Rail Yard Switching Track Set

$135.00 $108.00 KAT-20-862

V4 Switching Siding Set

$115.00 $84.00 KAT-20-863

V5 Inside Loop Track Set

$42.00 $33.60 KAT-20-864-1

V6 Outside Loop Track Set

$44.00 $35.20 KAT-20-865-1

V7 Double Crossover Track Set

$87.00 $69.60 KAT-20-866-1

V8 90 Degree crossing Track Set

$40.00 KAT-20-867-1

V9 15 Degree crossing Left Set

$60.00 KAT-20-868-1

V10 15 Degree crossing Right Set

$60.00 KAT-20-869-1

V11 Double Track Set

$109.00 $87.20 KAT-20-870-1

V12 Double Track Viaduct Set

$215.00 $172.00 KAT-20-871

V13 Double Track Elevated Loop Set

$185.00 $148.00 KAT-20-872

V14 Double Track Inner Loop Set

$107.00 $85.60 KAT-20-873-1

V15 Double Track Set

$57.00 $40.00 KAT-20-874

V16 Concrete-Tie Double-Track Outer Loop Set

$135.00 $108.00 KAT-20-876

V17 Concrete Slab Double Track Oval Set (Japanese packaging version)

$80.00 $64.00 KAT-20-877

North American Suburban Station Kit

$79.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-31-650

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