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UNITRACK Power Packs


Cut The Cord
Enjoy a brand new way to operate your UNITRACK layout – your phone or tablet! Using the Kato Smart Controller, take control of your trains with hands-free throttle operation using your smart device’s Bluetooth connection. Better still – when paired with the Kato Sound Box, the Smart Controller gives you control over all of the Sound Box’s functions – from the sound controls themselves down to the sync and volume adjustments. Everything the sound box can do – you can too, from the palm of your hand!
The Kato Smart Controller can pair with any* Android or Apple Device using a free App that can be downloaded from the Google Play or Apple iTunes Store! Simply activate your phone or tablet's bluetooth connection, turn on the Smart Device Controller, push the "pairing" button, and open the app - the app will do the rest, pulling up the ID of your local Smart Device Controller on a list and giving you full control over your layout's throttle and directional controls!

* Must be using Android 5.0 or later, iPhone 5 or later, iPad pro, iPad 4th generation, iPad Air/Air 2, iPad mini 2 or later model.

  • Allows bluetooth operation via Android or Apple Smart Phones or Tablets.
  • Easy to set up - get up and running in minutes.
  • Can be used with both N and HO Analog layouts.
  • Alternate A/C Adapters (sold separately) can be used to provide more or less power depending on your layouts' needs.
  • Can be fully integrated with the Kato Sound Box, putting full control over the full suite of sounds at your fingertips!

Description Image MSRP Our $ Part #
KATO Power Pack Standard SX $80.00 KAT-22-0181
Unitrack Analog Sound Box $279.99 Add to Cart for Price KAT-22-101-1
Kato Smart Device Controller for use alone or with Kato Sound Box
A/C Adapter sold separately

Includes: Smart Device Controller
Communication Cable for Sound Box
Kato Power Supply 12V

Outputs DC13.5V 2.2A
Ideal for N Gauge Layouts
Can be used with the 22-019 Smart Device Controller or 22-018-1 Power Pack Standard SX
Kato Power Supply 16V

Outputs DC16V 2.1A
Ideal for HO Gauge Layouts
Can be used with the 22-019 Smart Device Controller or 22-018-1 Power Pack Standard SX
Soundbox Sound Card - FEF-3/GS-4 Combination Card
Soundbox Sound Card - EMD 3rd Generation Diesel Sound Card
Appropriate for multiple modern EMD Diesels, such as the SD80MAC, SD90/43MAC, and SD70ACe.
Soundbox Sound Card - GE 3rd Generation Diesel Sound Card
Appropriate for multiple modern GE Diesels, such as the P42, C44-9W, and AC4400CW.
Soundbox Sound Card - US Light Steam Sound Card
Appropriate for small-to-medium sized steam locomotives, such as the USRA 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado.
Soundbox Sound Card - EMD 1st Generation Diesel w/Turbocharger
Soundbox Sound Card - EMD 2nd Generation Diesel w/Turbocharger
Soundbox Sound Card - ACS-64 Electric Loco.

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