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TGV® Sets

French TGV® "Sud-Est"

French TGV® "La Ligne de coeur"


Protoype Information

  • The TGV® is the French high-speed train and is one of the best known trains worldwide.
  • Oddly, though, the name "TGV" does not identify one specific trainset, but actually a whole system of train, track and signalling.
  • TGV® stands for "Train a Grande Vitesse." A loose English translation is "train of great speed."
  • The TGV® can operate at speeds up to 300 km/hr (186 mph).
  • French President Mitterrand opened the first section of the TGV® line to revenue service in September 27, 1981. The remarkable train was an instant success.

For an excellent resource on the TGV® visit on the web:

Pictures of the Paris "Sud-Est" can be found at:

A Picture of the "La Ligne de coeur" can be found at:

Model Information

  • This latest production of the TGV® will masterfully recreate the trainset in two different paint schemes -- the orange & gray of the "Sud-Est" route and the silver & blue (with red stripe) of "La ligne de coeur."
  • This is the first time the silver and blue "La ligne de coeur" will be produced.
  • Each 6-car set includes two pilot cars and four coach cars (one powered).
  • A 4-car add-on set is also being produced in the orange & gray scheme.
  • Pilot cars will have directional headlights.
  • The "Sud-Est" models are packed in the traditional green, padded "bookcase" with snap closure. The "La Ligne de coeur" models are packed in a slim cardboard & foam packaging.

10/03/00: We have seen our first shipment of the La Ligne de coeur sets, we should have all standing orders filled by mid-October.
09/22/00: We have filled all advance reservations of the Sud-Est sets, a very limited supply is left. We are expecting the La Ligne de coeur sets later this year.

Part # Description Retail $ Our $
KAT-10198 TGV® "Sud-Est" 6 Car Standard Set (Orange & Grey) $175.98
KAT-10199 TGV® "Sud-Est" 4 Car Add-on Set (Orange & Grey) $75.98
KAT-10909 TGV® "La Ligne de coeur" 6 Car Set France-Swiss (Silver Blue w/Red Stripe) $189.00

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