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EMD "Snoot Nose" SD40-2's

Prototype Features:
  • Considered by many to be a "mid-production" version of the SD40-2 from Electro-Motive Division (EMD), this locomotive featured a longer short hood than the preceding "Early" version.
  • This extended short hood earned this locomotive the name "Snoot Nose."
  • The extra space inside the longer nose was originally used to house additional radio control equipment.
  • "Snoot Nose" Dash 2's are utilized primarily by railroads operating in mountainous areas.
  • Many of these locomotives are still in service today
Model Features:
  • Two engines numbers in five different road names
  • Split metal frame
  • Designed for DCC, Plug n' Play decoder will be available
  • All models are expected to be equipped with white LED headlights.
  • Five-pole Motor w/dual flywheels
  • Kato semi-automatic knuckle couplers
  • Perfect for mid-1970's to present modeling era
  • Expected Retail Price: $99.98
  • N Scale Supply Price: $75.95

Coupler Converion Info:
MTL-2004 for front and rear pilot, no modification necessary
NOTE: If you are going to run these engines around extremely tight radius curves (9-3/4" radius) then please use the MTL-2001 coupler)

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