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Cupola Caboose
New Product: 12/10/01

Prototype Information:
  • The "prototype" of this model is actually taken from the drafting table of the Morrison International shop in Kenton, Ohio.
  • Because of the great variety of equipment needs between railroads in the 1950's, International developed the idea of a "modular" caboose design. This conceptual design essentially broke the caboose down on paper into different types or styles that could be built to meet the specific needs of a particular railroad. Rather than trying to force a rigid, fixed design on all the railroads, International felt it better to let the railroad select the pieces to build the caboose to their own liking.
  • International claimed "the adaptability of our standard design into variations to suit the purchasing road's specifications gives ample scope for satisfaction of crew and operating departments. Equipment and facilities, as well as construction and engineering detail, are subject to the railroad's specifications."
  • A look at reproduced International Caboose advertisements show a Bay Window design and a Transfer design available for order, as well as the different Cupola designs.
  • Depending upon the size and type of unit, a caboose could sleep 2-4 persons and be equipped with lockers, work desk, oil heater, and toilet. Some crews even enjoyed a true life of luxury by having a hot plate and refrigerator on board!
  • International built cabooses for several different railroads, including the Belt Railway Company of Chicago, Reserve Mining Co., Cambria & Indiana, the Terminal RR Association of St. Louis, Elgin Joliet & Eastern, Wabash, Clinchfield, Susquehanna, Western Pacific, Chicago & North Western, Chicago Great Western, and St. Louis & San Francisco.
Model Features:
  • This is Kato's first production of an individual North American caboose. This is the same caboose tooling included in the recent F7 Train Set with UNITRACK last year.
  • This production will consist of two road numbers for five roadnames, plus an unlettered unit.
  • The Chessie System units will be particularly unique, as one will be lettered with a C&O road number while the other will bear a Western Maryland (WM) road number.
  • The C&NW units will be similarly interesting as each will bear the C&NW herald with a Chicago Great Western (CGW) road number -- a nice match for the CGW RS-2 locos released previously.
  • The Unlettered unit will be factory painted red with a black roof, ready for application of your roadname decals. It doesn't get any easier than this to have a quality caboose for your road onto your layout!
  • These models have very nice detail on the roof walkway, the end platforms and railings, and the truck sideframes.
  • The interior of these models can be lighted with the optional installation of our #11-204 Lighting Kit (sold separately).
  • These new caboose models will be be Kato's first models to feature the all-new FULLY-AUTOMATIC MAGNETIC knuckle coupler
  MSRP: $24.98 each
 N Scale Supply Price: $19.99 each


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