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Maxi-I Double-Stack Well Car 5 Unit Set

Prototype Information:Model Features :
Like its cousin, the Gunderson MAXI-IV, the MAXI-I is a multi-unit well car designed to carry two stacked intermodal shipping containers. While its base well is 40', it can accept larger containers such as 45', 48' and even 53' in the top position, making the car a versatile addition to a railroad's intermodal services. The MAXI-I is a five-unit well car, unlike its 53' cousin, giving each car a greater capacity even though the individual wells are a smaller size.
  • Provides stable operation with or without container loads due to Kato’s new innovative heavier material steel compound plastic used for the construction of the well cars.
  • Each container has a magnet and a metal plate to hold it securely to the well car bottom or to the top of the lower Kato container.
  • KATO magnetic knuckle couplers will allow automatic coupling and uncoupling action.
  • Each set will include ten removable 40-foot containers which are compatible with other Kato container sets and Maxi-IV Well Cars.
  • Kato packaging will be designed for the separated storage of the articulated unit, providing ease and security when not in use.
  • The MAXI-I has resiliant plastic connectors between the wells that allow for easy connecting and disengaging for both operation and storage.


Road Name Road #s Image MSRP Our $ Part #
TTX w/10 APL Containers 750754 $150.00 KAT-106-6140
750767 $150.00 KAT-106-6141


$150.00 KAT-106-6142
TTX w/10 Maersk Containers 750977 $150.00 KAT-106-6143
751193 $150.00 KAT-106-6144
BNSF “Swoosh” w/10 NYK Containers 238354 $150.00 KAT-106-6150
238369 $150.00 KAT-106-6151


$150.00 KAT-106-6152
BNSF w/10 MOL Containers 238782 $150.00 KAT-106-6153
239702 $150.00 KAT-106-6154
AOK w/10 Hanjin Containers 58101 $150.00 KAT-106-6155
58153 $150.00 KAT-106-6156
MAERSK w/10 MAERSK 40’ Containers 100000 $150.00 KAT-106-6157
100059 $150.00 KAT-106-6158
MAERSK w/10 MAERSK 40’ Containers 100008 $150.00 KAT-106-6190
100010 $150.00 KAT-106-6191
TTX "New Logo" w/10 CAI Containers 759300 $150.00 KAT-106-6192
759392 $150.00 KAT-106-6193
BNSF “Swoosh” with (10) ONE Containers (Magenta) 238615
$150.00 Add to Cart for Price


238693 $150.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-106-6195
TTX “New Logo” with (10) ONE Containers (Gray) 759324
$150.00 Add to Cart for Price


759350 $150.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-106-6197
Maersk with (10) Maersk Containers 100029 Previous run show for refernce $150.00 Add to Cart for Price


100043 $150.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-106-6199


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