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GE P42 "Genesis" Diesel

The California Zephyr #5 westbound approaching Coal Creek Canyon on Sept. 24, 2000.

Prototype Information:

The General Electic P42 locomotive is also known as the "Genesis" locomotive. The P42 is a modern 4200 horsepower passenger locomotive used across the United States and Canada.
VIA Rail's recent acquisition of P42 locomotives allowed the retirement of aging LRC locomotives. VIA's attractive paint scheme was designed to match new passenger cars acquired from Europe, although they are used in a variety of service.

Amtrak's P42 has replaced the EMD F40PH in revenue service. Today they are used throughout the United States and often operated in a mixed consist of Phase IV and Phase V schemes.

The Amtrak P42 locomotive was pre-dated by the P40, which was originally known as the AMD-103, or "Genesis" locomotive. "Genesis locomotive" collectively refers to the P40, P42, and P32. (The P32 is a third-rail capable locomotive that operates only in the Northeast). The P40 was originally delivered in 1993 with the first order of P42's following in late 1996 and early 1997. The P40 is a 4000 horsepower locomotive, while the P42 is a 4200 horsepower locomotive.
External details on the P40 and P42 are very similar with the P42 lacking the warning lights and hostler window of the P40. With Amtrak realizing that the warning lights flashed back into the cab, and the hostler window was not necessary, the P40s were modified so that they are virtual carbon-copies of the more numerous P42. Amtrak rosters a total of 44 P40 locomotive and a whopping 207 P42 locomotives. Kato has chosen to produce the P42 locomotive based on the large numbers of P42's that have been produced, coupled with the fact that Amtrak is rebuilding their P40's to resemble P42's.

Amtrak's P42 and P40 locomotives have virtually replaced the EMD F40PH, once the mainline passenger locomotive of choice. As of today, there are only 6 F40PH's in active service, although additional F40PH's are occasionally called upon in emergencies.

Model Features:
  • All models are equipped with Kato's five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels.
  • Factory equipped with fully-automatic Kato knuckle couplers.
  • Front and rear Golden White LED Headlights.
  • "DCC Friendly" for easy drop-in installation of digital decoder. Easy installaction of the TCS K0D8-A or Digitrax DN163K0A decoders.
  • Highly-detailed printing with warning labels and builder plates.

Click here for Digitrax decoders for the P42

Click here for TCS decoders for the P42

Road Name
Road #'s MSRP Our $ Part #
Amtrak Phase V Late
60 $125.00 KAT-176-6032
169 $125.00 KAT-176-6033
Amtrak Phase V Late
with DCC
60 $205.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-6032DCC
169 $205.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-6033DCC
Amtrak Phase V Late
with ESU LokSound
60 $325.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-6032LS
169 $325.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-6033LS
Amtrak Phase V Late w/ 50th Anniversary Logo
46 $128.00 KAT-176-6034
Amtrak Phase V Late w/ 50th Anniversary Logo
with DCC
46 $208.00 KAT-176-6034DCC
Amtrak Phase V Late w/ 50th Anniversary Logo
with ESU LokSound
46 $328.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-6034LS
Phase III
46 $98.00 KAT-176-6001A
VIA Rail Canada
903 $100.00 KAT-176-6007
Phase V

Note: previous run displayed.
127 $105.00
28 $105.00
Amtrak Phase V
194 $105.00 KAT-176-6011
Amtrak 40th Anniversary Phase III
145 $120.00 KAT-176-6021
Amtrak 40th Anniversary Phase I
156 $120.00 KAT-176-6022
Amtrak 40th Anniversary Phase II
66 $120.00 KAT-176-6023
Amtrak 40th Anniversary Phase IV
184 $120.00 KAT-176-6024
Amtrak Phase Vb
61 $125.00 KAT-176-6025
80 $125.00 KAT-176-6026
Amtrak Phase Vb
12 $125.00 KAT-176-6027
99 $125.00 KAT-176-6028
Amtrak Phase V Late
47 $125.00 KAT-176-6030
160 $125.00 KAT-176-6031
Amtrak Phase V Late
With DCC
47 $165.00 KAT-176-6030D
160 $165.00 KAT-176-6031D
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