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N-Scale GE AC4400CW
More AC Power for your Railroad!
A perfect model for Coal and Intermodal trains!

Prototype Information —
In 1994, GE delivered the first AC4400CW locomotive, their answer to EMD's successful SD70MAC. Nearly 10 years later, the AC4400CW has become one of the most successful locomotives in the history of North American railroading. The AC4400CW is operated by railroads from East to West and Canada to Mexico.

Union Pacific's large fleet of AC4400CW locomotives, with hundreds of locomotives on the roster, is full of variation. Some of UP's locomotives have come through mergers with Southern Pacific and Chicago & North Western.

The main spotting feature for the AC4400CW, when compared to the similar C44-9W is the large Inverter Cabinet behind the helper's side of the cab (conductor/brakeman's side).

Model Features —
The Kato AC4400CW will feature Cab, Headlight, Inverter Cabinet, and Number Board details accurate for each prototype roadname. Models will have directional headlights and lighted walkway-mounted ditch lights, as well as lighted Number Boards. The models feature Kato Magnetic Knuckle Couplers, our five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels for smooth operation, and a DCC-Friendly mechanism for easy drop-in of a DCC decoder.
Roadname Information —
  • BNSF
    In 1999, BNSF accepted delivery of three AC4400CW locomotives numbered 5600-5602. Satisfied with their performance, BNSF ordered an additional quantity of locomotives numbered 5603-5652. Our model follows the details of this later production, including GE's most current inverter cabinet panel design.
  • CEFX Leasing
    CEFX is a reporting mark of CIT Rail Resources. They provide a wide array of equipment leasing and financial products to the rail industry and own and manages a fleet in excess of 54,000 railcars and approximately 550 locomotives. With the potential to operate anywhere in the US or Canada, the CEFX AC4400CW is a fine addition to any operating fleet.
  • Canadian Pacific "Two Flags"
    Many of Canadian Pacific's AC4400CW locomotives were delivered with a "two flag" image that included compontents of the US and Canadian flag. The word "System" was added to "CP Rail" to signify the railway's growing North American network. Although some CPR AC4400CWs have been repainted, many continue to operate in this paint scheme.
  • Canadian Pacific "Golden Beaver"
    In 1997, following a restructuring in 1996, CPR introduced their new image which featured a return to their "Beaver" logo. This time, however, the Beaver logo was gold. Our "Golden Beaver" locomotives represent locomotives repainted in the new paint scheme. CPR operates an excellent website about their corporate history with a page documenting their logo's history.
  • Union Pacific "Lightning Bolt"
    Applied to many AC4400CW is the Union Pacific "Lightning Bolt" paint scheme that features the Winged Shield on the nose and a "zig zag" stripe on the side.
  • Union Pacific "Building America"
    With a debut in 2002, Union Pacific's current "Brand Identity" is known as Building America. This paint scheme features the same Winged Shield on the locomotive nose, but adds a beautiful US flag to the locomotive hood as well as a UP Shield and the tagline Building America.

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RailroadRoad #ImageMSRPOur $ Stock #
Undecorated (CEFX/UP Version)$105.00KAT-176-7000
Undecorated (CNW/UP Version)$105.00KAT-176-7030
New: June 2005
Union Pacific “Flag”5780
$120.00 KAT-176-7007
5791$120.00 KAT-176-7008
Chicago & North Western 8819$110.00KAT-176-7031
New: June 2005
New: June 2005
Canadian Pacific “Beaver”8509
Previous release pictured
Chicago & North Western8804
Union Pacific "lightning bolt"6717

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