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Prototype Information

The 80/90MAC is one of today's most powerful locomotives, seen throughout North America on Class I mainline railroads.
Weighing in at more than 400,000 pounds and with a length in excess of 80 feet, the SD80MAC is one of the heaviest and longest single diesel locomotive in the world.
The 80/90MAC series was introduced by EMD in late 1995.
Conrail was the first railroad to receive the 80MAC in early 1996. As it would turn out, Conrail would be the only original buyer of this locomotive, even purchasing both of the demonstrator units. CSX and Norfolk Southern have since acquired these units.
The behemoth SD80 can generate up to 5,000 horsepower.
The maximum speed of the SSD80MAC is 75 mph.
The SD80MAC is equipped with the revolutionary radial truck, the EMD HTCR-II, capable of reducing the angle of wear between wheels and rail. While keeping the wheels parallel to the direction of the track, this truck literally steers the locomotive through curves. This new technology improves locomotive adhesion and performance, eliminates several conventional truck components, extends locomotive component and track life and improves the ride quality. . (Source: "Mechanically Speaking," Volume 3, Issue 12)

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Railroad Road # Image MSRP Our $ Stock #
Conrail 4100 $105.00 KAT-176-5501
Conrail 4110 $105.00 KAT-176-5501A
CSX “Dark Future” 4594
$120.00 KAT-176-5511
4599 $120.00 KAT-176-5512
Norfolk Southern “Horsehead” 7208
$120.00 KAT-176-5513
7210 $120.00 KAT-176-5514

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