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EMD F3 Diesels
Now DCC Ready


The Western Pacific Railroad operated the westernmost leg of the California Zephyr's route. At the head-end of the CZ for the WP was an A-B-B consisting of EMD F3 diesel locomotives.

This new production delivers a single B-unit, as well as a supply of the A+B 2-unit sets, for hobbyists to recreate the accurate A-B-B lash-up used by the WP with the CZ.

All of the models will be powered with the traditional KATO five-pole motor with dual brass flywheels
The model mechanism will be DCC-friendly, for easy drop-in installation of a decoder by the hobbyist operating with DCC
The A-unit will be equipped with an amber LED headlight and have illuminated pre-printed number boards.
All models will be equipped with the KATO fully-automatic knuckle coupler.
The A+B set will carry road number 801A and 801B, respectively and the single B-unit will be numbered 801C, for faithful recreation of the prototype CZ-consist numbering


Prototype Information

The F-Unit is probably the most recognized diesel locomotive in North American history. It was found on railroads from East to West and North to South. Eastern railroads favored a "Single Headlight" version of the F3, while Western railroads favored a "Dual Headlight" version.
F3 locomotives were used in both freight and passenger service. For passenger service, it was necessary for the locomotives to have a Steam Generator to provide heat and electricity in the passenger cars. In later years, many F3 locomotives originally intended for passenger services were downgraded to freight duty.

Model Information
Kato USA is pleased to offer a new production of N-Scale F3 locomotives with a revised, DCC Friendly mechanism that will allow drop-in decoder installation.
This production features an all-new combination of details; it is the first time we will offer the F3 in a Dual Headlight version. Of course, each roadname will have appropriate Steam Generator detail according to each prototype railroad.

Models will feature our smooth Kato mechanism and fully automatic magnetic knuckle couplers. For the first time, the Kato F-Unit will include Lighted Number Boards!

The engine chassis is a new design and is DCC ready
Roadname Information
  • Burlington Northern
    The Burlington Northern was the result of a merger of several railroads including the Great Northern, Northern Pacific, and Spokane Portland & Seattle. Upon completion of the merger, BN found itself depending on a fleet of inherited F-Units. Originally numbered in the 9700 series for passenger service, the BN F3's that remained on the roster were soon renumbered in the low 700 series. In the BN numbering scheme, A-units wore even numbers and B-units wore odds. The road numbers we have selected are former GN and SP&S locomotives.
  • Denver & Rio Grande Western
    Famous for its advertisements featuring the Royal Gorge, its lingering Narrow Gauge operations, and its beautiful locomotives that pulled the California Zephyr, the Rio Grande operated in the mountains and deserts of Colorado and Utah. Even today, a tourist railroad operates excursions through the famous Royal Gorge with locomotives painted in a D&RGW-inspired paint scheme.
  • Santa Fe
    Delivered in 1946, Santa Fe's first F3 locomotives featured a silver-painted body with red "Warbonnet" over the cab. A-Units originally had three porthole windows and a single headlight. Santa Fe was quick to make changes; removed was the center porthole window and added was a second headlight — this is the version we have selected to produce. In later years, Santa Fe's F3 locomotives were rebuilt with new fans and side panels to duplicate the appearance of the newer F7 locomotives.
  • Union Pacific
    The "Route of the Streamliners," started accepting delivery of Electro-Motive F3 locomotives in 1947. Intended for passenger service, an early delivery was numbered in the 900 series and entered in UP's locomotive classification scheme as FP-3 locomotives. In the early 1950s, the 900 series locomotives were renumbered into the 1451 number series. Displaced by more powerful E8 locomotives, several F-Units received freight pilots as they continued performing dual roles for Union Pacific. Many F3s were ultimately rebuilt to F9 specifications.
  • Western Pacific
    As a partner railroad for the California Zephyr (WP, D&RGW, CB&Q), the Western Pacific supplied motive power for part of the train's journey. When the CZ was new, this power was often WP's F3 locomotives numbered 801 and 802. They were built specifically for CZ use, but were eventually utilized throughout the railroad. The attractive orange, silver, and stainless steel scheme made the "Feather River Route" hard to forget.
  • Chicago, Burlington & Quincy
    An A-B-A consist of CB&Q F3 locomotives, in silver bodies with black nose stripes and lettering, was on the point of the California Zephyr when it pulled out of Chicago on its inaugural westbound run, March 21, 1949.
    The CB&Q locomotives had a "passenger" or "closed" front pilot and lacked dynamic brakes because of the Burlington's relatively flat route.
    The bodyshells feature correct "passenger" pilot detail and correctly lack the roof mounted dynamic brake fan.
F3 Single Units
Road Name Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Santa Fe ?? $90.00
Santa Fe B-Unit None $85.00
Santa Fe B-Unit None $85.00
Union Pacific 1404 $90.00
Union Pacific 1405 $90.00
Union Pacific 1412C $85.00
Southern Pacific “Black Widow” 6101 $90.00
Southern Pacific “Black Widow” 6104 $90.00
Southern Pacific “Black Widow” none $85.00
Western Pacific 802A $90.00 KAT-176-1202
Western Pacific 803 $90.00
Western Pacific B Unit None $85.00
Western Pacific with DCC 802A $130.00
Western Pacific with DCC 803 $130.00
Western Pacific B Unit with DCC None $125.00 KAT-176-1208-DCC
Western Pacific 801A $85.00
Denver & Rio Grande Western 5531 $85.00
Denver & Rio Grande Western 5541 $85.00
Denver & Rio Grande Western 5544 $85.00
Denver & Rio Grande Western B Unit None $85.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy ?? $85.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9962A $85.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9962C $85.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy B Unit None $85.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9960A $90.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9960C $90.00
Chicago Burlington & Quincy None $85.00

EMD F2/F3 Freight Scheme Locomotive 2-Packs
Road Name Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Atlantic Coastline
2 Headlights (A unit only), Non Dynamic Brake, Steam generator
329, 335B
2 Headlights, Dynamic Brake, No Steam generator
151, 155
Rock Island
2 Headlights, Non Dynamic Brake, Steam generator
39, 44
2 Headlights, Dynamic Brake, No Steam generator
4051, 4052

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