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4-6-4 C62 #2 Steam Locomotive

Prototype Information:

Built in 1948, the 4-6-4 C62 Steam Locomotive is one of the most popular passenger steam locomotives in Japan. When it was designed, the C62 was built around the existing D52 freight boiler, whose large size required equally large drivers. As a result, the C62 was the fastest and most powerful high-speed passenger steam locomotive of its day.

It was used for the famous express trains “Tsubame” (Swallow) and “Hato” (Pigeon), which it pulled on the Japanese mainline between Tokyo and Osaka until 1956 – this service granting C62 #2 its signature Swallow emblems which it wears on its smoke deflectors. After the retiring from the main line, C62 #2 was used in the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido until early 1970’s, where its glorious history as a high speed passenger locomotive make it a popular sight, and eventually granted it a place of honor at the railroad museum in Kyoto.

Model Features:
  • New steam locomotive mechanism uses a coreless motor for silky smooth side-rod motion and creeping speeds at low voltages.
  • Details specific to #2 are present, such as the Swallow emblems printed on the smoke deflectors and the white stripe that runs the length of the running board.
  • Operational head and tail lights with Kato's flywheel drive on the powered cars.
  • Optional knuckle couplers are included along with a swappable double heading coupler on the front.

Road Name Road #'s Picture MSRP OUR $ Part #
4-6-4 C62 #2 Steam Locomotive C622
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