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F7 Train Sets with UniTrack

Retail Price: $170.00 per set
N Scale Supply Price:


Each set includes:
    • One F7 A-Unit Locomotive
    • One cylindrical Tank Car (lettered for UTLX6996)
    • Two ACF 70-Ton Covered Hopper Cars
    • One North American Cupola Caboose - This is the caboose Kato announced at the San Jose show in August. It is my understanding that the caboose's offered in these sets will be different paint schemes than will be offered later as separate items.
    • Sixteen pieces of Kato UniTrack, plus rerailer, adapter cord and spare UniJoiners - Again, its my understanding that this loop of track is designed to fit within the loop created by the K1 UniTrack Set (KAT-20-831).
Locomotive Roadnames & Paint Schemes
Part # Roadname & Paint Scheme
KAT-106-0007 Chesapeake & Ohio, Blue & Yellow w/script lettering
Locomotives will be equipped with a bright-white LED headlight. To the best of my knowledge there are no intentions to release these paint schemes as separate units.

Cabooses are all new tooling! Cabooses will have the same roadname as locomotive and painted according to the prototype (yes, I know that DRGW and SF didn't have a caboose even close to this one). The cboose can be lighted with optional lighting kit KAT-11-204 (sold separately).

UniTrack included will build an approximate 2' x 4' oval with 11" radius curves.

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