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EuroStar Sets

Protoype Information
This is the famous Chunnel Train. Providing high-speed passenger service the train regularly cruises from London to France and Belguim at speeds of 186mph (300km/h). Typically run in 20 car sets. This includes 18 1st and 2nd class cars and a power car on each end carrying 800 passengers at a time.

A great web site containing pictures and detailed description of the train can be found at:

Model Information

  • A The 8 Car set contains two Pilot cars (engines). One is powered.
  • Pilot cars have directional headlights.
  • Models are packed in the traditional green, padded "bookcase" with snap closure.

Part # Description Retail $ Our $
KAT-10327 8 Car Powered Set $230.00 $
KAT-10328 4 Car Add-on Set $74.00 $

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