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EMD E5 Locomotives


Prototype InformationModel Information
  • EMD E5A #9909 “Silver Bullet” was built specially for service with the Silver Streak Zephyr and was fitted with Skirts on the trucks and a covered cowl to emphasize the sleek, streamlined look of the locomotive and train.
  • The individual EMD E5A locomotive releases will have different printing patterns on the nose to reflect the “general use” versions of the CB&Q E5A locomotive, as well as have un-skirted trucks that reflect the locomotive’s later appearance when they would have been used to pull trains such as the California Zephyr.
  • The EMD E5 has a distinctive raised angular radiator grill arrangement on the roof that was specific for that locomotive.
  • A special feature of the new Kato EMD E5A is that the front coupler cowling can be removed on both the skirted and un-skirted units in order to mount a Kato magnetic knuckle coupler – this allows modelers to double head these locomotives when pulling longer trains such as the California Zephyr!
  • Comming Soon

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Road Name Road # Image MSRP Our $ Part #
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9910
Silver Speed
$110.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-5401
Chicago Burlington & Quincy 9911
Silver Pilot
$110.00 KAT-176-5402
Chicago Burlington & Quincy
"Red Band"
Silver Pilot
Museum Version
$110.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-5403
Chicago Burlington & Quincy
"Red Band"
1960's Version
$110.00 Add to Cart for Price KAT-176-5404

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