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Imperial EF58 Electric Locomotive w/Royal Emblem
New: February 2002

Protoype Information
  • The Imperial Train of Japan is used ONLY by the Emperor of Japan and the royal family.
  • Like Air Force 1 for the American president, the the Imperial Train stands ready for use in Tokyo at virtually all times. However, unlike Air Force 1, it is reportedly seldom used today. Apparently, when the train is operated, it causes virtually all other rail operations along its course to come to a standstill (and understandably so!). In a country so dependent on its public train system, such a break in regular service can be profoundly disruptive for such a large population.
  • Reportedly, while the current Emperor of Japan does not utilize the Imperial Train very much these days, the previous Emperor often used it to travel to royal family resort for holidays.

Model Information

  • These models recreate "Configuration No. 1" of the Imperial Train. This arrangement is EF58 loco #61 followed by Entourage Car #461, Entourage Car #330, Imperial Car #1, Entourage Car #340 and Entourage Car #460.
  • The body color of each model is deep and shiny, just like the actual units.
  • The EF58 model will include special recreation of the stainless steel stripe that runs the length of the actual locomotive.
  • The loco model will also be supplied with two flags of Japan, which can be attached and removed by the modeler.
  • The overall detail and craftsmanship of these models will faithfully recreate the elegance of the actual train.
  • Because this is a foreign prototype model, only a small quantity will be imported to North America.
  • Packaged in the standard green bookcase.
  • Click here for details on the Imperial Passenger Cars

Part # Description Retail $ Our $
KAT-3038 Imperial Train 5-Car Set, Configuration No. 1 $79.80 This item is not currently available

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