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700 Series Shinkansen Japanese Train

This is the lead and trailing cars, two included in KAT-10397 set

This is the entire train included in the 8 Car Standard Set

Pantograph mechanism is positionable

Part # Description Our $
KAT-10397 8 Car Powered Set
KAT-10398 8 Car Add-on Set

Kato's newest N Scale production will be a remarkable recreation of the sleek, ultra-modern train currently traveling over Japanses railroads at speeds up to 285 km/hr. The 700 Series is typically operated as a sixteen-car consist traveling between Tokyo and Hakata. The most unique characteristic of the 700 Series is the shape of the nose on the front and rear pilot cars. All cars are white with blue striping below the windows and a light gray underbelly. The interior of the cars can be lighted with the optional installation of the KAT-11-204 or KAT-11-206 lighting kits.