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Volume 60 Number 6 June 2000
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Amtrak's Expansion Will Shrink Some Trains
As mail and express business drives route expansion, Amtrak's passenger-car fleet is stretched thin.
by Bob Johnston
That Seventies Show
A gathering of diesels at Washington, D.C., could only have occurred at a unique moment in time.
by Kevin P. Keefe
Everything's Up to Date in Kansas City

After a recent reconstruction, Argentine Yard in K.C., Kans., has cemented its position as BNSF's "crossroads to everywhere".
by Harold L. Miller Jr.
A Difference of Decades
Before-and-after photos tell a story of constant change on the North American railroad scene.
Selected Railroad Reading
Railroaders and train-watchers recall Erie Baldwins, a Union Pacific turbine, Grand Trunk Western steam, a Canadian RSI, and more.
Ward Kimball's Backyard Empire
cWith his 500-foot-long Grizzly Flats Railroad, a colorful railfan has had fun preserving history for more than 60 years.
by John Smatlak
Super-Power: From Berkshire to Big Boy
The advanced design features of Lima's groundbreaking 2-8-4 of 1925 set the stage for the biggest and best of steam
by Neil L. Carlson
Readers' Platform: Older Was Better: That's the Problem
High-speed trains are scarce in the U.S., and information on them is even harder to come by.
by Greg Godfrey

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