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Kalmbach Publishing Co. Books

NOTE: While we stock a wide variety of Kalmbach Publications, not all books may be in stock at all times. We appreciate your patience.

Part #TitleAuthor(s)CoverMSRPOur $
KAL-01051Guide to North American Steam Locomotives$25.95$22.00
KAL-01057Manhattan Gateway$44.95$38.00
KAL-01060Santa Fe in the Mountains$18.95$16.00
KAL-01070Southern Pacific in the Bay Area
The San Francisco - Sacramento - Stockton Triangle
George H. Drury$18.95$16.00
KAL-01073American Shortline Railway guide, 5th Edition$24.95$21.00
KAL-01080Milwaukee Road in Its Hometown$18.95$16.00
KAL-01081Confessions of a Train-Watcher: Four Decades of Railroad WritingDavid P. Morgan$39.95$33.75
KAL-01083Norfolk & Western in the Appalachians$18.95$16.00
KAL-01086Guide to tourist Railroads and Museums, 33rd Annual Edition$15.95$13.50
KAL-01088The New Haven Railroad Along the Shore Line$18.95$16.00
KAL-01097Guide to North American Railroad HOT SPOTS J. David Ingles$24.95$21.25
KAL-12145N Scale Model Railroad That Grows $19.95
KAL-12147The DCC GuideDon Fiehmann$19.95$16.95
KAL-12148Track Planning For Realistic Operation, Third EditionJohn Armstrong$18.95$16.00
KAL-12194Scenery for Your Model Railroad
From Backdrop to Tabletop
Mike Danneman$17.95$15.25
KAL-12204Building City Scenery for Your Model RailroadJohn Pryke$17.95$15.25
KAL-12205N Scale Model Railroading, Getting Started in the Hobby Marty McGuirk$18.95$16.12
KAL-12207Easy Model Railroad Wiriing, Second Edition Andy Sperandeo$19.95
KAL-12210Maintaining & Repairing Your Scale Model Trains Jim Volhard$15.95
KAL-12221Steam Locomotive Projects & IdeasJohn Pryke$18.95$16.15
KAL-12231Realistic Model Railroad Operation
New: February
Tony Koester$19.95$16.95
KAL-12234Trackside Scenes You Can ModelJim Kelly $18.95
KAL-12235Trackwork and Lineside Detail for Your Model Railroad Model Railroader$17.95
KAL-12236Project Railroads You Can Build Model Railroader$16.95$14.45
KAL-12237Basic Model Railroad Track Plans
Small Start Layouts You Can Build
Model Railroader$14.95$12.75
KAL-12238Classic Railroads You Can ModelModel Railroader$15.95
KAL-12423The Model Railroaders Guide to Logging RailroadsMatt Coleman$18.95$15.99
KAL-12420Detailing Freight CarsJeff Wilson$18.95
KAL-12425Painting Backdrops for Your Model RailroadMike Danneman$18.95$16.15
KAL-12426How to Use an Airbrush, Second EditionRobert Downie$21.95$19.75
KAL-12238Classic Railroads You Can ModelModel Railroader$15.95$14.35
KAL-12241Basic Model Railroad Benchwork
The Complete Photo Guide
New: October 2002
Jeff Wilson $18.95
KAL-12242DCC Made Easy
New :March 2003
Lionel Strang$12.95$11.00
KAL-12244Passenger Equipment & Operation
New: May 2005
Model Railroader$19.95
KAL-12243The New Scenery Tips & Techniques
New: December 2003
Model Railroader$18.95$16.15
KAL-12247Basic Painting & Weathering for Model Railroaders
New: April 2003
Jeff Wilson $19.95
KAL-12249How To Build & Detail Model Railroad Scenes
New: February 2005
Lou Sassi$21.95$17.56
KAL-12250Realistic Model Railroad Design
New: May 2004
Tony Koester $19.95$16.95
KAL-12254Basic Trackwork for Model Railroaders
New: March 2004
Jeff Wilson $19.95$16.95
KAL-12256Model Railroader's Guide to Industries Along The Tracks
New: February 2005
Jeff Wilson$19.95SOLD OUT
KAL-12258Model Railroader's Basic Structure Modeling
New: April 2005
Jeff Wilson$19.95$16.95
KAL-12401Easy Model Railroading "Tables for your trains"
New: Aug 2005
KAL-12402Easy Model Railroading "Tips on the track"
New: Aug 2005
KAL-12403Easy Model Railroading "Wiring Basics"
New: Aug 2005
KAL-12404Easy Model Railroading "Simple scenery"
New: Aug 2005
KAL-12405Realistic Model Railroad Building Blocks
Tony Koester$20.95
KAL-12407DCC Projects & ApplicationsMike Polsgrove$17.95$15.25
KAL-12408The Modelrailroader's Guide to JunctionsJeff Wilson$18.95
KAL-12409The Model Railroader's Guide To Industries Along The Tracks 2Jeff Wilson$19.95$16.95
KAL-12410Planning Scenery for Your Model RailroadTony Koester$21.95$18.65
KAL-12412Basic Wiring for Model Railroaders, 2nd EditionRich Selby$19.95$16.95
KAL-12413Basic Buildings
New: Aug 2006
Jeff Wilson$7.95$6.75
KAL-12414Get Started in N Scale
New: Aug 2006
KAL-12418Building a Model Railroad Step by Step
New: March 2007
David Popp$21.95$18.65
KAL-12422Industries Along the Tracks #3Jeff Wilson $19.95$16.95
KAL-12424Mid-Size Track Plans for Realistic LayoutsBernard Kempinski$21.95$18.65
KAL-12430Airbrushing Basics
New: Aug 2006
KAL-12434Designing and Building Multi-Deck Model Railroads
New: Dec 2008
By Tony Koester $19.95$17.95
KAL-12435The Model Railroader’s Guide to Steel MillsBy Bernard Kempinski$21.95$19.75
KAL-12436Model Railroader’s Guide to Trackside Structures
By Jeff Wilson
KAL-12437Guide to Diesel LocomotivesBy Jeff Wilson$19.95
KAL-12438The Allegheny Midland: Lessons LearnedBy Tony Koester$21.95$19.75
KAL-12239Model Railroader’s Guide to Industries Along the Tracks 4by Jeff Wilson$19.95$15.96
KAL-12441DCC Projects & Applications Vol. 2Mike Polsgrove with David Popp$19.95$17.95
KAL-12443101 More Track PlansAuthor: From Model Railroader$17.95$16.15
KAL-12446Essential Skills for Scale Modelers Aaron Skinner$21.95$18.65
KAL-12448Basic DCC Wiring for Your Model RailroadAuthor: Mike Polsgrove$15.95$14.35
KAL-12455Scenery by the Seasons $21.95$19.75
KAL-12452The Model Railroader's Guide To Bridges, Trestles & Tunnels
New: Oct 2005
Jeff Wilson$19.95
KAL-12453The Model Railroader's Guide to Coal RailroadingTony Koester$19.95$16.95
KAL-12454How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes, Vol. 2Lou Sassi$19.95$16.95
KAL-12456Modeling the '50s -The Glory Years-MR Staff $19.95$16.95
KAL-12458Done in a DayPelle K. Soeborg$19.95$16.95
KAL-12460Prototype to LayoutTony Koester$21.95$18.65
KAL-12462Model Railroader’s Guide to Mountain RailroadingTony Koester$21.95$18.65
KAL-12466Starter Track Plans Model Railroader$16.95$14.10
KAL-12467Building a Model Railroad Step by Step, 2nd EditionDavid Popp$21.95$18.65
KAL-12471Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sound, 2nd Edition Model Railroader$19.95$17.95
KAL-12474Model Railroad Bridges and Trestles, Volume 2 Model Railroader$17.95$16.15
KAL-12481The Model Railroader's Guide to Grain Jeff Wilson$19.99$17.99
KAL-12482Basic Scenery for Model Railroaders, Second Edition Lou Sassi$19.99$17.99
KAL-12484Basic Painting & Weathering for Model Railroaders, Second Edition Jeff Wilson$19.99$17.99
KAL-12486DCC Projects & Applications Vol. 3 Mike Polsgrove with Cody Grivno$19.99$17.99
KAL-12488DCC Guide Don Fiehmann$19.99$17.99
KAL-12816DCC Projects & Applications Vol.4 Larry Puckett$21.99$19.79
KAL-12827How to Design a Model Railroad Lance Mindheim$24.99$22.49
KAL-62083Faces of Railroading
New: May 2004
Carl A. Swanson$29.95$25.45
KAL-64445Amtrak: An American StoryAntrak$19.95
KAL-MRSTEPModel Trains Step By Step
New: February 2005
Model Railroader$9.95$9.95
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