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GM's Geeps in Action

Part #KAL-15054
Retail Price: $29.95
The second
in our in-depth
new series about
vintage diesels!
CLASSIC TRAINS Magazine brings you the compelling story of "everyman's locomotive," General Motors' "Geeps." Conceived in the late 1940's as a simple branchliine engine, the Geep road-switcher proved itself in all types of railroad service, from mainline freight and passenger trains to switching service. Join us as we follow the development of the Geep, from the first GP7s in 1949 to the last units built, the 1,800 horsepower GP18s.

Classic Trains has also done a companion book: GM's Geeps, The General Purpose Diesels

Historic black and white photos, vintage color film footage, current Geeps in action, and commentary from knowledgeable experts like GM designer Max Ephraim: It's all here in GM's Geeps in Action!
Narrated by Classic Trains Associate Publisher Kevin P. Keefe.
60 minutes; VHS, all-digitral format, color, stereo sound.
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