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F Units in Action
The Diesels that Did It
Part #KAL-15054
First in an exciting new series on vintage diesels!
CLASSIC TRAINS brings you the story of the most popular diesel locomotives of all time: General Motors' classic F units! Climb aboard for the history o fthe famed "covered wagon" from the ground-breaking FT model of 1939 to the last F unit built, Metro-North FL9 2033. You'll see Fs working mainline freight and passenger trains in the U.S. and Canada; tourist railroads and shortlines; and camera-shy Fs in industrial service.

Classic Trains has also done a companion book: The Golden Years of Railroading, F Units, the diesels that did it

Stunning videography, history black-and-white photos and commentary from knowledgeable railroad experts: It's all here in F Units in Action!
Narrated by Classic Trains Associate Publisher Kevin P. Keefe.
60 minutes; VHS, all-digitral format, color, stereo sound.
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