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Easy Model Railroad Wiring, Second Edition
by Andy Sperandeo
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Your guide to practical, flexible wiring for any layout

ou've built the benchwork, you've laid the track and wired it, and now, finally, you're ready to run your trains. You flip the switch, and . . . nothing, your trains remain still, as motionless as they were the day you plucked them off the hobby shop shelf. Chances are this has happened to you, and chances are the problem could be traced to faulty wiring. This book makes finding and correcting such problems easier than ever. Better yet, it helps you avoid common - and not so common - wiring errors that keep your trains from doing what they're supposed to.
Easy Model Railroad Wiring tells you how to wire your layout for satisfactory, flexible, and reliable operation. This invaluable book covers every dimension of basic model railroad wirinig, from choosing a power pack to deciding what type of turnout to use to installing and, yes, fixing layout wiring. If it has to do with wiring track and getting trains operating, then you'll find it in this book.

1 Basic Model Railroad Electricity
2 Choosing a Power Pack
3 Two-rail Wiring
4 Turning Trains and Engines Around
5 Controlling Two Trains at Once: Cab Control
6 Multiple Cabs and Other Cab Control Refinements
7 Locating Blocks
8 Command Control
9 Turnout Control
10 Layout Wiring
11 Control Panels
12 In Case of Trouble
Finding Tools and Materials
Suppliers and Manufacturers

8-1/4" x 10-3/4", 128 pages, 80 Black & White photos, 160 Illustrations, Soft Cover

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