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Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sound
Part #KAL-12199 N Scale Supply Price: Sold Out
21 Projects for Your Model Railroad
In Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sound, you'll find a collection of intriguing projects that are aimed to add realism and excitement to a model railroad of any size or scale. Some of the hobby's finest modelers will lead you through easy-to-follow projects that show you how to:
  • Put people, vehicles, structures, and signals into motion
  • Add sensational lighting effects to locomotives, buildings, and scenery
  • Inexpensively duplicate nearly any prototypical railroad sound
Realistic Animation, Lighting & Sound will help you bring your layout to life!

Animation on the Lone Pine & Tonopah RR
Build an operating tunnel curtain
Build a working coal tipple
An operating windmill
Build a slow-motion crossing gate drive
Build a three-position semaphore mechanism
Amaze your friends with a working wig-wag
Go fly a kite! (or an airplane)
Tale of a turning head
Magic Water
Video Animation

Brighten up your world
Diode lighting made easy
Fiber optics in model railroading
Light up the night with neon
Painted power
Landscape lighting
Bishop's crook station lamps
How to simulate flickeriing fires
Pole lights for a freight yard
A carload of sound
8-1/4" x 10-3/4"; 80 pages; 25 Black & White photos;
125 Color Photos; 45 Illustrations; Soft Cover

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