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Track Planning For Realistic Operation
Third Edition, by John Armstrong
Part #KAL-12148
N Scale Supply Price: $16.00

Model Railroad Design That Works

Whether you're planning your first permanent layout or you've already started building your latest model railroad empire, here's a book that's as essential as a pencil, saber saw, and electric drill. Inside this indispensable manual you'll find useful information about how real railroads operateand insightful advice on how to design a realistic model railroad in any scale. You'll discover
  • How track planning will let you operate your model railroad in the most realistic way
  • How you can design realistic mainlines, spurs, yards, terminals, and junctions
  • How you can make practical use of curvature, grades, turnout standards, and clearances
  • How the real railroads load and unload freight - and assemble trains and keep them rolling
Handy tables, charts, and illustrations and step-by-step instructions make it easier than ever to apply the principles of real railroading to even the simplest pike. Plus, this new third edition includes up-to-date information on contemporary railroading.

With Track Planning for Realistic Operation you can finally create the model railroad operation you've been dreaming of.
Introduction to the third edition
Section I: Prototype railroad operation
1 Loading and unloading products and passengers
2 Assembling cars into trains
3 Moving trains over the railroad
4 Specialized trackage and facilities
5 Contemporary railroading
Case study: Rationalization and the birth of a regional
Storage yards - on purpose?
Passengers on two levels
Concrete ties? - or steel
Section II: Designing a practical model railroad track plan
6 Operating reliability through standards
7 Layout locations and shapes
How big is too big?
8 Schematics for satisfying operation
9 Developing the main line
10 Filling in the details
Appendix A: The case history of an HO track plan
Appendix B: Examples of operation-oriented pikes

8-1/4" x 10-3/4", 144 pages, 45 Black & White Photos, 120 Illustrations, Soft Cover

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