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GM's Geeps
The General Purpose Diesels

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The Golden Years of Geeps
While Electro-Motive Division's classic F units are widely recognized as the locomotives that knocked steam locomotives from mainline freight service, it is just as significant to acknowledge EMD's original GP locomotives for the role they played in bringing diesel power to scores of North American Railroads.

By design, EMD's original GP (for General Purpose) locomotives were simple and devoid of the ornamentation and streamlined styling that graced many early diesel locomotives. Back in the late 1940s, however, function was far more important than form for the railroad industry. Many railroads, large and small operations alike, were quick to see the value in owning the bidirectional, accessible, all-purpose Geep.

The pages of this book capture GP7s, GP9s, and GP18s hard at work on U.S. and Canadian railroads during the Golden Years of Railroading. Additional technical illsutrations and photos are included to help you spot the subtle differences between the various production models that were manufactured from 1949 to late 1963.

Classic Trians has also done a companion video to this book, GM's Geeps in Action

11" x 8½", 128 pages, 120 black & white photos, 5 illustrations, soft cover

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