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The Golden Years of Railroading F Units
The diesels that did it
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Table of Contents
The FT: The Diesel That Did It
F Units in Production: Inside EMD's La Grange Plant
F Units Model by Model
F Units Hard at Work
F Units Today
No locomotives better symbolized the coming of the diesel era than ElectroMotive Division's F units. Starting with the first FT of 1939, F units proved that many diesels could perform as well as steam in heavy mainline freight service. Many steam fans never forgave Fs for knocking steam from mainline freight service, and Fs themselves were subsequently vanquished by later Geeps, U-Boats, and Centuries. But their attractiveness, reliability, power, and versatility earned the Fs an enduring spot in railroading's Golden years.

Classic Trians has also done a companion video to this book, F Units in Action

11" x 8½", 128 pages, 120 black & white photos, 6 illustrations, soft cover

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