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EMD FT Diesel A/B Sets



Prototype Information
Paint Scheme / Version Information
  • Santa Fe Chatwhisker II - The first Santa Fe road freight diesel scheme was yellow and blue with a thin red pinstripe. Later, the pinstripe was eliminated behind the side cab doors, creating this variation commonly called "Catwhisker II". The InterMountain A unit features the large side number boxes and single headlight. The B unit includes the extra porthole on one side. These models feature Phase I (unique to the Santa Fe) dynamic brake hatches. Roof etched metal parts are blackened, and the etched metal grille covers on the side are painted, just like the prototype.
  • Great Northern - One of the most popular diesel paint schemes of all time was Great Northern Green & Orange "Empire Builder" scheme. The first InterMountain releaseof GN FTs are modeled after the units the railroad ordered to handle its passenger trains and feature single headlights, Phase 3 dynamic brakes and large side number boxes on the A unit. The B unit does not have the extra porthole.

Model Information
  • Completely assembled and ready-to-roll!
  • Silky smooth and powerful "Regal Line" drive.
  • Sold as A-B sets (both powered).
  • Three A unit body styles.
  • Two B unit body styles.
  • Details matched to specific prototype units.
  • Laser-sharp painting and lettering.
  • Multiple road numbers.
  • Separate wire handrails.
  • Etched metal grills and fan housings.
  • Non-dynamic OR Phase I, Phase II or Phase III dynamic brakes!
  • With or without steam generators.
  • DCC-ready - Screwdriver installation with no need to disassemble the frame!
  • Atlas operating couplers. InterMountains innovatice coupler mounting bracket accepts MicroTrains coupler box with no shimming, or cutting.
  • Attractive packaging - But after seeing and running the InterMountain FTs you will want them on the track, not collecting dust in the boxes.

Wire Handrails and Grab Irons
The glass is pressed in from the front and flush - a first in N Scale

Fan grills are etched metal and show the fan detail underneath

Starting with the Santa Fe Warbonnet, all FTs will be supplied with the new and improved snap in drawbar. InterMountain has provided two different styles, one molded as below with a simulated pair of couplers and one that does not have the simulated couplers. Both snap into a post on the B Unit and can be easily 'unsnapped'.
If you purchased a set of the Catwhiskers or Great Northerns from N Scale Supply please contact us or InterMountain directly and you can obtain the replacement drawbar.

Each unit is packed in a jewel case inside a cardboard outer box.


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