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Great Northern
12 Panel 40' Boxcar - New Body Style

Kit: Part #IMR-61002 N Scale Supply Price: $SOLD OUT
Assembled: Part #IMR-66002 N Scale Supply Price: $SOLD OUT

Painted vermillion red with white lettering, picture of assembled model shown.
Available in 12 Road Numbers
Current series is -25 thru -36
-01 18009
-02 18035
-03 18092
-04 18128
-05 18163
-06 18217
-07 18270
-08 18306
-09 18341
-10 18394
-11 18459
-12 18485
Please don't request specific road #'s unless you absolutely need to have them. We will fill your order with unique road #'s. To get a specific road # may cause lengthy delays in filling your order due to having to get the items from InterMountain directly. If you already have some of the road #'s please tell us which ones you have with your order, we will ensure you don't get duplicates.

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"TENAX-7R" Plastic Welder
Recomended by Intermountain for kit assembly

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