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Canstock Boxcar

Fox Valley is proud to announce the unique B&O Canstock car. The Canstock car was designed to improve the loading and transport of coiled steel used to make cans. Regular boxcars with the door in the center could only load 6 coils without getting the forklift stuck inside. With the doors being offset, the forklift could load the last two coils by driving straight in/out of the door opening making the capacity 8 coils instead of 6. This design allowed a more efficient use of space in the car and brought the load weight closer to the capacity of the car. As built, the cars had a fiberglass roof panel installed on the end opposite the door to allow some light in the car. Later, when cars were shopped starting in the Chessie Era, that roof panel was changed out to a regular metal panel like the rest of the roof. While built for an Eastern road, these cars could be found all over the US wherever a cannery was nearby.

The model will include the different roof options and even a change in doors for later era rebuilds. Our usual attention to detail with crisp molding and sharp paint schemes will make our newest signature car stand out. The models will also include body mounted couplers, etched metal end walk ways and FVM metal wheels. We will start with three paint variations - the original B&O with large "Canstock Car" lettering, A Chessie System scheme and the modern CSX scheme.

Road Name Road # Image List Price Our Price Part #
B&O Canstock Car - White Fiberglass Roof Panel 4 Road Numbers

B&O Chessie System
- White Fiberglass Roof Panel

4 Road Numbers

CSX - Blue Steel Roof Panel - New Door

4 Road Numbers

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