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3000 Cubic Foot 2 Bay Hoppers

Former Red Caboose/ Precision Masters 4750 Cuft 3 Bay, 4740 Cuft 3 Bay, 4700 Cuft 3 Bay and 3000 Cuft 2 Bay hoppers. But these are not your father's old cars just re-run - No sir! Fox Valley has added new tooling with body mount couplers, New roofs and new roof hatches, added etched metal roofwalks with wire grabs on top and finished them off with our great paint and free rolling metal wheels. Fox Valley plans to offer these cars multiple times over the next few years - usually doing 3 road numbers each run. Fox Valley plans on doing several variations on each paint scheme - some major and some minor. The ultimate plan will be to make each release affordable for a road name (Not 2 dozen cars at once), but if you stick with the future releases, you can have a unit train (or separate cars) with enough subtle variations in decoration that it will mimic real life and not be so uniform

3000 Cubic Foot 2 Bay Hoppers
Road Name Road #
List Price Our Price Part #
BNSF3 Road #'s
CSX3 Road #'s
DM&E3 Road #'s
GATX3 Road #'s
NAHX3 Road #'s
Missouri Pacific3 Road #'s
Union Pacific3 Road #'s
Wisconsin Cerntral3 Road #'s

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