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Despatch Shops 50' Boxcar, Class X65 (Lots 975-B, 976-B)

These 50' exterior-post boxcars were built from 1966 through 1969 by Despatch Shops Incorporated, a subsidiary of first the New York Central and then Penn Central. A number of cars also were built for the Pittsburgh & Lake Erie as well as the Lehigh Valley. Conrail inherited the New York Central, Penn Central and Lehigh Valley rosters in 1976. The cars remained active into the 1990s

The body and underframe are injection molded plastic, with etched brass end platforms. Intricate and accurate detail is present throughout. The model rides at the prototypically-correct height above the rails, on ASF 70-ton Ride Control roller-bearing trucks fitted with low-profile metal wheelsets, lowered brake gear and ladders, and Keystone cushioned underframe. Simulated cushioned-underframe coupler pockets are integrated into the underframe. The model is equipped with Micro-Trains compatible knuckle couplers, and represents the prototype in the non-roofwalk configuration.

Operation of this model over curved trackage of less than 10-inch radius is not recommended.

Road Name
MSRPOur $Part #
New York Central
$42.95 $34.36ESM-224101
$42.95 $34.36ESM-224102
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
$42.95 $34.36ESM-224202
Pittsburgh & Lake Erie
$42.95 $34.36ESM-224203
Penn Central
$42.95 $34.36ESM-224301

Lehigh Valley

Painted Deepwater Green with black and white printing. Loaders type is specified below. Made in China.

No loader specified
Service: 3/69

$47.45 $37.96ESM-224403

Expected Fall 2020
$42.95 $34.36ESM-224501

Conrail (patch ex-PC restencil)

Restenciled NYC, PC and LV equipment. Car class and loaders type are specified below. See individual photos for car color and lettering arrangement. Made in China.

No loader specified
Service: 12/80

$47.95 $38.36ESM-224601

Expected Fall 2020

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