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Talgo Pendular 200 Amtrak Passenger Cars
New: October 2002

The Talgo train is typically pulled by an Amtrak F40

Prototype Info

Amtrak Cascade

Original Talgo
- note: scroll down to F40PHR 270-279, then click on 274
- note: scroll down to F40PH 200-229, then click on 200 Seattle WA

Tech info

Full interior based on the car type
The connection mechanism between the cars moves quite freely. The long piece is a plastic spring that extends in both directions. This spring ensures that the single axle stays in the correct orientation to the two cars it supports.


Service Van (w/1 axle): This car is placed on one end of the train.
Lounge Car
First Class Car
Bar Car
Second Class Car
Service Van (w/2 axles): This car is placed on opposite end of the train.

Description Image MSRP Our $ Part #
6 Car Amtrak Train
Includes 2 Service Vans, First Class & 3 Second Class Coaches
$116.95 ERM-7251
First Class Talgo Amtrak Coach $24.95 ERM-7253
Second Class Talgo Amtrak Coach $24.95 ERM-7254
Bar Coach TC6 Talgo Amtrak Car $24.95 ERM-7255
Restaurant / Lounge Talgo Amtrak Car $24.95 ERM-7256


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