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Baldwin RF-16 "Sharknose" Diesels

Prototype Information

The RF-16 was built from 1950-1953 with 109 A units and 51 B units produced for the US market. Containing the 8-cylinder model 608A engine developing 1,600 horsepower at 625 rpm.

Railroads owning:

  • Baltimore & Ohio
  • New York Central
  • Pennsylvania
  • Delaware & Hudson
  • Monongahela
Prototype photos can be found at: http://www.northeast.railfan.net/diesel52.html

Monongahela Railway: http://www.wvrail.railfan.net/mga_past.html

Model Information

Motor: 5-pole skew-wound w/flywheel
Frame Construction: Metal split-frame
Drive wheels: All 4 axles are powered, all wheels blackened
Electrical Pickup: All wheels pickup
Traction tires: none
Weight: A-Unit = 3 ounces, B-Unit = 3 ounces
DCC Readiness: Digitrax has announced that they will be delivering a plug-in decoder, probably the DN141IP
Lights: Single headlight using a yellow LED, directional
Couplers: Factory installed rapido's
Micro-Trains® conversion: To convert the couplers Micro-Trains offers the correct number of couplers in the MTL-1131 to do an A/B or A/A Set.
Packaging: Each engine is packed in a clear jewel case with a foam insert. The two engine sets are futher packed inside a card board sleeve.
Special Features: Wire handrails. Trucks and fuel tank are plainted flat when appropriate.
NOTE: The following categories are the opinion of N Scale Supply and are very subjective. These are provided to give you a rough idea of the quality of the product. Your mileage may vary.
Performance: Very smooth speed range, top speed seems very realistic. According to ER Models the top speed is approximately 90 mph.
Sound/Noise level: Somewhat louder than Atlas or Kato engines, but not obnoxious. Fairly constant volume through speed range. Noise probably caused by gearing used for realistic speed curve.
Overall Value: Especially considering that this is the first entry into the N Scale engine market, ER Models has made an impressive showing. At retail of $139.95 for two powered engines, this is an exceptional value. Printing quality and performance is very good. The wire handrails are outstanding.

Formed wire handrails & windshield wipers

Side grills are etched brass

Easy conversion to Micro-Trains® Couplers

Chassis is a split frame design. The PC board allows for easy replacement with a DCC Decoder. Digitrax has mentioned supplying a DN141IP decoder to plug into this engine. The A and B units have identical chassis but have different PC boards and snap-on plastic nose pieces. Micro-Trains® couplers have been installed on this unit. Note the longer MTL-1134 on the front of the A-Unit.
Powered by a 5-pole skew-wound motor with two large flywheels. The PC board is easily removable for conversion to DCC. The split-frame is held together with three screws (one hidden by the fuel tank).

Retail Price per 2-engine set: $139.95 N Scale Supply price: $104.50

Part # Road Name Type Road #'s Picture Availability
ERM-7300 Undecorated A-B n/a

ERM-7301 Pennsylvania Single Stripe A-B 9732/9732
ERM-7301-1 Pennsylvania Single Stripe A-B 9736/9736
ERM-7302 Baldwin Demonstrator A-B 6001/6001
ERM-7304 Baltimore & Ohio A-B 855/855X

ERM-7305 New York Central Cigar Band A-B 1209/3709
ERM-7305-1 New York Central Cigar Band A-B 1210/3708
ERM-7306-1 Pennsylvania 5-Stripe A-B 2006/2006
ERM-7306-2 Pennsylvania 5-Stripe A-B 2000/2000
ERM-7306-3 Pennsylvania 5-Stripe A-B 2002/2004
ERM-7307 New York Central Lightning Stripe A-B 3806/3706
ERM-7308 Baltimore & Ohio 2nd Generation A-B 4212/5212
ERM-7308-1 Baltimore & Ohio 2nd Generation A-B 4213/5213
ERM-7309 Monongahela A-B 1205/3708
ERM-7309-1 Monongahela A-B 1210/3709

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