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Resin Building Kits

Typical kit includes resin walls and roof details, styrene, acetate for windows, and instructions.

DescriptionPicture Our $ Part #

Bruce's Bakery

$15.29 DPM-501
Hayes Hardware $15.29 DPM-502
Otto's Parts $15.29 DPM-503
Char's Soda Shop $15.29 DPM-504
Goodnight Mattress Co. $18.89 DPM-505
Gripp's Luggage Mfg. $18.89 DPM-506
Corner Apothecary
$15.29 DPM-507
Crestone Credit Union $15.29 DPM-508
Hilltowne Hotel $21.59 DPM-509
Trackside transfer $17.99 DPM-510
Crickets Saloon
$14.39 DPM-511
Roadkill Cafe
$15.29 DPM-512
Corner Turret Bldg. $16.19 DPM-513
Erik's Emporium $16.19 DPM-514
Reed Books $17.09 DPM-515
Wilhelmi's Mercantile $18.89 DPM-516
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