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Zephyr Express DCC Starter System
Part #DIG-ZEPHYR N Scale Supply Price: $199.00

  • Everything you need to get started in Digitrax Command Control for a great low price.
  • Zephyr is perfect for beginning, intermediate and advanced model railroaders. It is easy to use and has tons of features.
  • Zephyr offers excellent speed control, prototypical consisting, the full range of programming features and much more.

Components of Zephyr System:

  • •DCS52 All-In-One Throttle/Command Station/Booster to run your layout
    •PS314 Power supply to provide power to run your DCS52
    •One LT1 LocoNet Cable & Decoder Test Kit
    •Zephyr Express Quickstart Guide
    •Zephyr Express Manual
    •Digitrax Decoder Manual


  • NOTE: Digitrax starter sets do not include decoders

Zephyr Offers:
  • Cost effective entry level LocoNet Compatible system
  • Color 2.4” LCD Screen.
  • Large Backlit Keypad.
  • Speed control knob and direction switch with brake.
  • Integrated USB Computer Interface
  • Easy 2 and 4 digit addressing.
  • Smooth speed control.
Run multiple trains at once without blocking!
  • Run up to 20 addresses at the same time on your system.
  • Run up to 20 throttles at the same time on your system.
Jump Ports for using DC power packs as additional throttles
  • Use one or two smooth DC power packs as throttles to control DCC equipped locomotives.
  • Simple, cost effective way to add more throttles to your Zephyr set.
  • Makes it easy to share the fun of DCC with layout visitors and young operators.
  • Functions on locos controlled by Jump throttles remain active.
Over 9000 Locomotive Addresses
  • Address 00 for operation of one or more locos without decoders.
  • Two Digit Addressing is easy to use. (Address 01-127).
  • Four Digit Addressing lets you use the road number of your engines as their addresses. (Address 0128-9000+).
3.0 Amps of Power to Run Multiple Trains
  • Booster outputs 13 volts for safe operation in N and HO scales.
Function Control
  • Control 29 functions-F0 through F28
  • Function 2 is a special non-latching key that can be used to sound the horn for as long as the key is held down.
  • Constant brightness lighting. Headlights can be directional or independently controlled (depending on decoder capabilities).
Stationary Decoders, Turnout Control & Turnout Position Reporting
  • Access to stationary decoder control for turnouts and other devices.
  • Control 2000+ stationary decoder addresses.
Decoder Programming
  • Built in read / write programmer that can read and write all CVs.
  • Supports Paged programming (Digitrax preferred method). Also supports direct and register mode programming.
  • Operations mode programming can be used to program decoders on the layout.

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