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UR92CE Duplex Radio Tranceiver/IR Receiver Unit for Europe
Part #DIG-UR92CE N Scale Supply Price: $132.00


  • Simplex Infrared Receiver For Digitrax
    Infra-Ready Throttles
  • Duplex Radio (UR92), Simplex Radio (UR91)
    and/or InfraRed (UR90) Wireless Can Be Used
    Simultaneously On Any LocoNet Layout
  • Range Is Approximately A 300 ft Diameter Circle
  • Supports Up To 20 Digitrax Duplex Throttles
    At The Same Time
  • Group Name Feature Allows Multiple Clubs To
    Run Independently In Close Proximity At Train
    Shows and Exhibitions
  • Operates In The 2.4 GHz Band
  • Only One UR92 Is Needed To Run Duplex On
    Most Layouts
  • For Europe!
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