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N scale Mainline Signaling Kit

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New: Aug. 2018

N scale Mainline Signaling Kit including:
•2 Single Head A Signals, 2 Single Head B Signals, 4 SMP1s, 8 spacers, 8 screws.
•Makes all of your signals plug ‘n play with small 10 pin connectors.
•Can be used as a basic N scale signal.
•Mounting board and hardware included.
•Current setting resistors are built in to the board.
•Easy mainline setup with A and B mast configurations.
•Pads are provided to make it easy to attach any signal to the mast base.
•This product is intended for use with the SE8C.

The Digitrax Plug ‘N Play Signal Mast consists of a signal mast with one or two signal heads depending on mast configuration. Included with the kit are mounting boards and hardware that makes it easy to mount and connect the signal mast to the SE8C signal driver cable.

This product is intended for use with the SE8C and other Digitrax signaling decoders.


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